TOTAL service

Regular scheduled maintenance is vital for the long term reliablity of your vehicle. Our fixed price Service Plan helps you budget for the expense of ensuring that your vehicle is serviced correctly and on time. Small problems are identified before they become big problems.

Has your car's warranty expired? You can protect yourself with a guarantee backed by the garage you already trust to maintain your car. A complete Maintenance and Protection programme, giving you peace of mind against unexpected repairs and paid for with a simple interest free monthly payment.

Q What is a Service Plan
A A service plan is an inflation proof maintenance schedule paid for with affordable monthly payments, like a savings account for future servicing, that is fixed at today's prices. The plan covers the cost of parts, labour and VAT.

Q What does the plan cover?
A TWS uses a comprehensive service schedule. An Interim Service at 12 months or 12,000 miles and a Major Service every 24 months or 24,000 miles. Click here for details. The schedule has been designed to keep your vehicle maintained in top condition.

Q I do a high mileage will the service plan pay for more than one service per year?
A The TWS Service Plan covers one service per year. If you do a high mileage and require extra servicing this will have to be paid for seperately.

  Q   What happens if I start my service plan mid year?
A   If you have insufficient funds in your account you will have to pay any shortfall on the day of the service.

Q Does the service plan cover mechanical failure?
A You may add a warranty as an option. Your dealer will carry out a pre warranty inspection of your car and any existing faults will have to be rectified before you can add Continuous Protection into your plan. 

Q Does the service plan cover timing belts?
A No, the plan covers routine servicing as per the TWS schedule. Any additional work such as timing belt replacement, or new brake pads will have to be paid for on the day.

Q Does the service plan include an MOT?
A The annual MOT test is an option on your plan

Q How long does the Service Plan last?
A The Service Plan prices are fixed for 2 or 3 years. At this time you will have the option to renew the plan.

Q Where will my money be held?
A Your funds will be safely held in a dedicated client account.

Q Can I cancel my service plan?
A You may cancel your service plan at any time and any surplus funds will be returned to you less an administration fee of £15.00. Alternatively you may credit any surplus funds in your current plan into a new service plan for another vehicle.




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